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About Me

About Me

I believe it's very important to know your photographer's professional experience.

It will give you the confidence and good feeling that they will capture and artistically create the beautiful photos you desire.

For the past 35 years I have been a professional photo artist. And I enjoy it greatly.

I have photographed over 300 weddings, hundreds of special events and thousands of portraits. It's really niceto  hear people say they had such a fun time with the photographer.

My passion is also in fine art photography, sunrises, sunsets, nature, animals and all the beauty that surrounds us.

I started professional photography as a photojournalist working for The Chronicle, a daily newspaper in Willimantic CT. I was very lucky to work with incredible professionals and especially with an award winning photographer who taught me so much. Events and situations arise sometimes very quickly and you must know how to capture them. I learned to capture them quickly and to have the photos tell a story. I learned to see images before they even happen. I worked there for 5 years. 

I then moved on to work at Loring Studios, a premier portrait studio, in Hartford, CT. An amazing master portrait artist there took me under his wing and taught me proper posing and lighting in portraits. He taught me the artistry of capturing a beautiful portrait of an individual and family.  If you look at old photographs you will see a beautiful uniqueness about them. It's in the pose and the beautifully placed lighting. Great painters had this knowledge. It seems, this is becoming a lost art in photography.  I worked for years learning from this fantastic photographer.

I started George Savic Photography Studio in 1986, applying all I have learned from photojournalism, portrait artistry, and fine art,

I photographed families, children, students, and many pet portraits. Also Weddings and Special Events became a large part of my business.

Weddings and and Special Events are a story that is waiting to be captured creatively, artistically and with great candids. There are many situations that arise during an event that always require a photographer to be able to capture photos that tell a story and many times, photos that are beautiful portraits. Formal photos at a wedding don't have to be limited to posing. Many times, it's great to place people in a beautiful setting and allow them to enjoy the magic moment and have fun moving around. That makes for some of the best artistic and creative photos that will be cherished for a long time.

At weddings and special events, such as family reunions, I am requested to take many fun creative candids. But also so many times there are also people there that are asking to have a beautiful posed photo of them alone or with special people. It is here that portrait experience is so important. Posing them correctly with attention to detail makes them feel special. It is what they asked for. And to pose them correctly with attention to detail, helps them really like their photographs.

Another very important factor to consider in a photographer is their personality. It makes for a great day when everyone can say they had such a good time with the professional photographer who made them feel relaxed and excited to create beautiful photographs.

I enjoy meeting people I have never met and right from the beginning help make them feel glad they have met me.

I had the privilage to teach for a few years as an Adjunct Professor of Photography at Eastern Connecticut State University. I really enjoyed sharing what I have learned about photography in the real world and helping students to better their photography skills and maybe go on to be professionals.

Another photo service that I provide is Copy and Restoration. If anyone has a special photograph, old or new, that they need a copy and possibly some retouching, I can provide this for you. I still have a darkroom set up and print black and white photographs the old fashioed way. Including true archival fiber based paper, not digital, which has proven to last over 100 years. Many old photographs are heirlooms that are so precious to a family and they need to be trusted to a copy and restoration specialist.

Black and white photography is a specialty of mine. Great black and photos should not simply be created by a touch of the grayscale button in photoshop. There is contrast, and dodging and burning to be applied correctly and artistically to create a true black and white work of art photograph.

I am very lucky to have worked with and learned from many great professional photographers, and from the fantastic professional photography jobs I have had in the past.

I look forward to meeting you and talking about the professional photography that you are looking for.

George Savic